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2018 PHC Merlion grant results

by CNRS@ASEAN - published on

The PHC Merlion Program (Hubert Curien Partnership) is a research mobility funding program, managed by the French Institute of Singapore (IFS), and conducted with our Singaporean partners, which initiates and supports the development of scientific cooperation between French and Singaporean laboratories.

The PHC Merlion Program offers support for collaborations via three options:

  • Merlion Project: Funding of missions between France and Singapore for researchers, post-docs or PhD students involved in a bilateral research project;
  • Merlion Workshop: Organization of a seminar in France or Singapore around a common theme and likely to lead to a formalized research collaboration;
  • Merlion Ph.D: funding for Singaporean and French PhD students in France and Singapore for up to 6 months per year over 3 years.

    Distribution overview of the 2018 proposals:
  • 46 joint applications were received between June 15th and September 15th 2018 with proposals involving both research institutions from Singapore and France; with a repartition as follows: 33 Projects, 7 Workshops, and 6 PhD.

    2018 PHC Merlion awarded proposal Overview:

    - * 15 laureates;
    ==> distribution:
    10 Merlion Project / 3 Merlion PhD / 2 Merlion Workshop;

    - * 10 proposals carried by CNRS agents;
    ==> distribution:
    6 Merlion Project (3 NTU +1 NUS + 2 A * STAR)
    2 Merlion PhD (2 NTU)
    2 Merlion Workshop (1 NTU + 1 A * STAR)

    - * 3 CNRS Institutes represented;
    ==> distribution:
    6 INC (3 Merlion Project + 2 Merlion PhD + 1 Merlion Workshop)
    3 INSIS (2 Merlion Project + 1 Merlion Workshop)
    1 INP (1 Merlion Project);

    - * UMI MajuLab: 3 selected projects;

    1. Merlion Project INP // Dr. Diederichs Carole: ’Efficient single photon source based on all-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals coupled to microcavities’;

    2. Merlion Project INSIS // Dr. DUCHAMP Martial: ’IN Situ ANalysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in Operation (INSTANT)’;

    3. Merlion PhD INC // Dr. DUCHAMP Martial: ’Study of solid-solid interface modifications in all-solid-state battery using advanced in situ TEM’.

    - * LIA SynBioEco: Dr. Pascal Loubière, bearer of the future LIA is laureate of a Merlion Workshop with A * STAR: ’Synthetic biology for a bio-inspired economy
    PHC Merlion grant results
    PHC Merlion grant results

View online : 2018 PHC Merlion grant