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Job Offer - Marketing and Promotion of International Training

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We are looking for the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Paris Seine International Training Program.

In 2017 the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP) was laureate of the Paris Seine Initiative Paris Seine Initiative with its partners ESSEC and EISTI, as part of the I-Site excellence initiatives (Initiatives Science, Innovation, Territories, Economy) of the Programme Investissement d’Avenir (PIA 2).

Paris Seine Initiative offers a new vision of higher education in Cergy-Pontoise, both rooted in its region and strongly open to international.

A vision that takes into account the ongoing Higher Education, Research and Innovation restructuring landscape in France and around the world.

The University of Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC Business School and EISTI intend to transform Cergy-Pontoise’s Higher Education and Research Center and improve its visibility and attractiveness.

This project will focus on three flagship actions :

- To bring out an international university, which reaches the top 200 within 10 years, and which is recognized worldwide for its research and its masters and doctorate levels ;

- Strengthen and optimize an undergraduate cycle inspired by the Undergraduate college model while benefiting from the existing one in order to fully fulfill the social and territorial mission of post-baccalaureate orientation, with differentiated and flexible paths ;

- Carry an international campus that will embody this university renewal and reinvent itself around urban and natural poles
which will allow a reappropriation of the banks of the Oise and the great lakes of Cergy.

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Recrutement Poste Commercial Bachelor