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[NOT TO BE MISSED] - "Le mystérieux volcan du Moyen Âge" documentary

par CNRS@ASEAN - publié le

Built on the thriller mode, this documentary follows the lead of an international investigation into a mysterious volcano, cradle of one of the greatest eruptions of the last ten thousand years.

For more than thirty years, scientists around the world have searched in vain for a mysterious volcano that has produced one of the most gigantic explosive eruptions of the last ten thousand years.

Researchers know that it took place in the middle ages, in the 13th century and that it had to upset the entire global climate. But, no trace of the volcano or impacts.

A true mystery, which scientists and international historians have decided to break through by conducting a large-scale investigation. Built in the style of a thriller, this documentary follows closely the thread of this breathtaking global investigation !

Voir en ligne : Le mystérieux volcan du Moyen Âge