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Thailand: call PHC Siam 2017 open

by CNRS@ASEAN - published on

The PHC Siam programme aims at developing exchanges between French and Thaï research laboratories.
The current round is accepting applications in the following fields:

  • Social sciences and the Humanities, culture and tourism: ecotourism and big data management ;
  • Fundamental sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, including cosmetics sciences, materials sciences ;
  • Engineering and technologies: nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information and communication technologies and sciences, materials and mechanics, big data management ;
  • Health: Infectious diseases, emerging and re-emergin, biotechnologies, natural substances (pharmacology, traditional medicine...), neurosciences, biomedical sciences, genomics, protemics, metabolomics, bio-informatics, big data management ;
  • Energy: new technologies for energy, fuel cells, solar energy, nucelar energy, renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy saving ;
  • Environment and biodiversity climate change and its impact on health, biodiversity: use and preservation ;
  • Agriculture / Agro-industry : agricultural production, food safety, product quality, nutrition science, genomics, protemics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, big data management.

Projects with a pluridisciplinary approach are especially encouraged to apply.

More information and documentation:
- in French
- in Thai and English