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Programme international de doctorat à l’Institut Curie

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The IC-3i international Phd Program is a PhD fellowship program partly funded by the European Commission under the Cofund scheme of Horizon 2020’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

The aim is to recruit motivated students for 12 PhD projects who will be starting their PhD in October 2016 at Institut Curie.

The IC-3i-PhD fellows will carry out research at Institut Curie, located in Paris and surroundings, (France). This vibrant environment is based on the pluri-disciplinary approaches and excellence offered by over 80 research groups comprising Institut Curie’s 12 research departments and its hospital group.
Thesis projects cover Institut Curie’s 4 main research axes :

  • Biology & Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling & Cancer
  • Development, Cancer, Genetics & Epigenetics
  • Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology & Environment
  • Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry & Cancer

Apply by Feb 4, 5pm CET.
More information here