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Research projects

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This page only lists the ongoing and most recent projects. For a more exhaustive list, please go to the relevant page on the MICA website.

Speech processing and natural langage processing

  • APPSy (2010-2015) "Asymétries Phonétique et Phonologique de la Syllabe« , Funded by the French agency ANR "Blanc" 2010 - Partners : MICA (Vietnam) - GIPSA-Lab, LIDILEM, LIG, LPP (France), Phonolab-ULB/LSP (Belgique)
  • DoReMiFa (2014-2015) "Données des Recherches linguistiques de Michel Ferlus en Asie du sud-est« , Funded by French MESR/BSN - Partners : MICA (Vietnam) – LACITO (France)
  • Himalco (2013-2016) Parallel Corpora in languages of the Greater Himalayas, Funded by ANR Program "Corpus, données et outils de la recherche en sciences humaines et sociales" - Partners : MICA (Vietnam) - CRLAO, HTL, LACITO (France)

Computer vision

  • Rice seed assessment using advanced image processing techniques and machine vision tool (2015-2016) Funded by Belgian CUI Research program - Partners : Hanoi University of Agriculture (Vietnam) - MICA (Vietnam) -Thai Binh Seeds Cooperation TSC (Vietnam)
  • Medicinal Plant Identification and Collaborative Information System (2015-2016) Funded by AUN/SEED-Net Programme - Partners : MICA (Vietnam), KMITL (Thailand), Osaka University (Tokyo), Vietnam Forestry University (Vietnam)

Pervasive Spaces and ubiquitous computing

  • SIM-CITIES (2015-2016) "Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility for Smart Cities", Funded by the international ASIA-ITC (STIC-ASIE) programme - Partners : INRIA/RITS, IRCCyN/CNRS (France), Dhanghai Jiao Tong Univ (China), NUS, NTU (Singapore), Kumamoto Univ (Japan), MICA (Vietnam)
  • Development of multimodal localization methods in indoor perceptive environments (03/2014-03/2016), Funded by NAFOSTED (National Foundation for Science & Technology Development - VN) - Code : 102.04.2013.32 - Mica (Vietnam)


  • ShootMyMind (2015-2016), Funded by the international ASIA-ITC (STIC-ASIE) programme - Partners : MICA (France/Vietnam), HUST/D3I (Vietnam), JFLI (France/Japan), NII (Japan), ITC (Cambodia), LIG/MRIM(France)