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Discover, the fully interactive and updated online news site of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), one of the world’s leading science agencies. Aimed at the general public, this new site is available on all platforms.

Why is finding water on Mars so important? How can we better manage our mineral resources here on Earth? What will tomorrow’s photovoltaic panels be made of? Investigate these issues and discover groundbreaking scientific results with in-depth analysis and expert insight on, the new science information website of the CNRS.

With more than 1000 laboratories, the CNRS is the largest fundamental research organization in Europe and the first producer of scientific publications worldwide. Taking over from CNRS International Magazine, a quarterly print magazine launched ten years ago, this novel website satisfies the demands of the increasing speed of scientific advances, and the agency’s commitment to be more topical and accessible.

With content specifically written and curated for the general public, this free-access website helps explain increasingly complex scientific findings and ongoing research by granting unparalleled access to the laboratories and scientists making the news. Its primary objective is to provide a relevant and viable context for the greater societal issues and challenges at hand. “Making research more visible and accessible can only result in faster breakthroughs, initiate new collaborations, and above all, fuel the interest of scientists the world over,” says CNRS president Alain Fuchs.

Available in responsive design on all platforms (web, tablet, smartphone), the site features in-depth articles, interviews, special reports, videos, full image galleries or live updates. It covers all scientific disciplines split into six categories: Life, Earth, Society, Digital, Matter, Space. The website is also highly interactive, as all content can be commented and shared on social media for greater reach.

Visit today, the new international counterpart of

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